Saturday, February 25, 2012

Analist's reflexion

This week we have had lectures and not a lot of activities but the truth is that the lectures have not been as we are used them to be. Why? There was a teacher using the slides and not a teacher depending on the slides. The slides were very simple and schematic. It was a teacher who came with slides but not slides who came with a teacher. 

The amount of examples that we have heard in class this week have helped a lot for understanding the topics. For me, and I think that maybe for the rest of my group, it has been a week in which we have discovered a new (or different) way of teaching. 

Perhaps the worse moment during the lectures was when everything was going into our minds and we had to order the chaos.

 It could be said that the best moments of the week while we were working were those in which we were laughing because a simple or stupid thing had occurred. 

The worse moment of the week was maybe when we were feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks we had to do and each member of the group was thinking about the solution without breathing and counting to 100 before. 

From my point of view we have learnt this week a lot of things. But maybe we could say that the most important has been the fact that nobody see the world the same way. While we were talking about curriculum we discovered that there is not only one way to plan.  If you do it coherently, you can start planning in the part of the curriculum you want. One important thing is taking everything in account. We have realised too that we need to think what we are going to say in order to use the words that make it easy to understand for other people. Sometimes we want to say something that we see as a simple thing in our mind but when we transmit that thing to the people they do not understand it at all.

 I think that one of the most important things that a group has to have in order to work without having a lot of problems is patience. Until now we have had a lot of it with our group mates and  as is very difficult sometimes to understand a different point of view or simply don't panic when we have a lot of work to do I find it indispensable. 

As a group we have to improve a lot of things. Working in group is really difficult and that is what makes us need to improve such amount of things. From my point of view we have to learn to organise better because when we have a new task to do we start thinking that it is impossible for us to do all of that. The truth is that at the end we have everything done but we are nervous all the time until it is finished. Maybe we have also to start seeing things in an easier way. Not everything is so complicated and even the most complicated things can be simpler if we try to think in them in a simple way. I think this could save us a lot of time. Doing things complicated not always means doing them perfect. We also have to remember that perfect things doesn't exist so we have to do our best but not dying looking for perfection.

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