Saturday, February 18, 2012

TPCK activity

As the journalist of my group I will transmit to you what has been going on in class and in our group along this week. 

The week started when Linda introduced us the TPCK theory and asked us to explain and represent it in a new way. The first reaction of the whole group was kind of “what are we going to do?” But there wasn´t time to be overwhelmed and we had to start the creative process, or at least, try to do it. The beginning of the process was like a mess of ideas and it wasn´t clear what it was going to happen at the end. After the searching of different kind of conceptual maps and not being able to find the way to represent the theory in a way we all like, we thought about a three D possibility. One of us had the idea of representing the theory in a Rubik cube. As there was consensus on the idea, the first step was already done. Later on we just had to improve the way we wanted to fix it and color it in order to our idea was understood by everyone or at least, in a way it represented what we wanted to explain. As our facilitator Paloma got in charge of translating our idea into a poster.


        The last part of our task has taken place today and the main role of our group today has been our star, Laura. The class has been an interchange of ideas representing the same concept or theory. Stars have done today almost the most important work of the group and the rest of the group have been going round the classroom listening to the explanation of the other groups´ stars and taking notes of their representations. It has been really interesting and dynamic experience and we have learnt by acting in our own learning process.
I must say that the environment in the classroom has been very positive. In spite of the nerves of our stars I can say that all of them have done a great work and effort explaining us the same thing once and once again (well, although it is not the same, we have had to listen it once and once again too).
The ending of the class has been a conclusion of what we have been doing, pointing the best and worse things we had seen in ours and our colleges´ works.
But to really put a final stop to our task for this week our group has met at 12:00 in order to put our points of view in common to include our last thoughts in our blog. Things haven´t been easy by moments but finally everything has had a “happy end”.

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