Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another day of Oca's game

This morning we continue playing Ocas’ game or Snake and ladders’ game, in the same place where we lifted on Friday. But nothing changed. Our bad luck, and particularly my bad luck was present in every single moment of the game. It was so bad that it would be better if I had given wrong answer. The snake had bitten us two more times.
We are on the third turn, so all questions have been answered at least 2-3 times and there are less wrong answers, but the big problem is our pronunciation. We have to work more on it, in order to pronounce clearly and correctly. On Friday we are going to continue playing. It’s seems that Snake and ladders’ game will never finish. The truth is that we are little bit tired because it’s only question of hazard and not of knowledge and three days playing the same game or doing the same activity it’s boring. Two days were more than enough to select the winner, but now there are more possibility to win the game. Despite everything my group is very optimistic, because we started the game on the 59 and we finished on 89, so we moved forward. 

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