Friday, May 4, 2012


Today has been the last day of the game and there are the winners:

ALL THE GROUPS had performed well, and all the groups became winners in the category of HOW TO LEARN WHILE HAVING A GOOD TIME 

Second price in the category of BEST QUESTION: Never Too Late
First price in the category of BEST QUESTION: Chameleon Ladies

Second price for the category of GAME WINNER: Hakuna Matata
First price for the category of GAME WINNER: Never Too Late

Congratulations to all the winners!  
We started with Paloma’s turn and we hadn’t good luck. But on my turn, all the bad luck that we had had disappeared. It was as a mathematic problem: when you multiply two numbers with minus sign you have as a result a positive one.  It was incredible, we were on square 89 and there were two more snakes to rich the square 100. Then I threw the dices and I got an eleven. It was exactly what we needed to finish the game. We were very excited. We didn’t expect to win the game, only to learn and to finish with the game, because we were very nervous. But definitely we are very, very happy because of the joker that we win for the final exam.  We have the option to use it, but not the duty. So we’ll give the best of us, and we won’t relax, but if we are not in our best moment on the exam, we’ll use it.
The extra point that we win is as goos as the other price, because be have all the task on time in our blog, but there are many things to do for the final e-Portfolio, so if we can't get on time with all the task, or they aren't so good as we want, we´ll have the joker.

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