Saturday, May 12, 2012

Journalist report

This week, apart from watching a very interesting video of education in Finland, has been a week of  important information. We have received all the assessment criteria to be ready for the exam which is REALLY near! So, we are all a little bit more nervous than usually, running from here to there, with papers in one side and in another, speaking louder, tired, being confused, many things to remember… What can we say? We are almost in exams period!! 

We have been also working in a Gymkhana using augmented reality but that is part of another subject (RICT). The thing is that because of both are taught by the same teacher sometimes it is confused to distinguish among them.

Now that we have already made a summary (you can see it below) with the differences in education between  Finland, which is in the first position in Pisa, and Spain I would like to share the video we watched (in Spanish) and also an interesting video about what is Pisa which I´ve found quite interesting (in English).

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