Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creative work

Our third activity in #SOyER12 was how to be more creative and how to teach it to the children. It was developed with the collaboration of Manel Rives, primary teacher, who taught us the dynamic of his classes and the results of children’s works, using several tools, but the most important were the autonomy and the creativity. He is  working with new technologies, teaching the students to make visual projects in a public school near Santiago.
He doesn´t use teacher’s book, but another tools such as powerful and easy for using by the kids software. The obligatory point of departure is historical mental map. They must search information, create information and learn the information. They have to collaborate, plan, discuss, and find the appropriate place for the activity. Children must be creative, responsible and enterprising.  And the teacher must convince the parents that his method is at least as good as the other methods, and he must sacrifice part of his free time, because this kind of methodology absorbs more time and work than the normal book method, where the teacher is the master of the universe, and he knows everything.
Actually, our activity includes three tasks:Create a comic, write a tale and do a stop motion. For this tasks we were more than ever, we have the help of Angela Clemente y Paloma Andugar. Linda, Manel and other teachers helped to the other groups. 

Using the iPad that brings Manel, and dinosaurs, crayons, plasticine, camera and laptop, we had to be creative. It was like the TV game “Do you know more than a child of primary school?” We have little time to do the tasks, so we divide the work, therefore all members of the group have something different to do. Ana, Paloma A. and Angela were working on the tale, while Pilar, Paloma, laura and I were working on the comic. When we finished the comic, we change the roles: Pilar y Paloma create the characters of the tale in the iPad, and Ana, Laura, Paloma A. and I, made the stop motion. Finally the entire group record the voices and the movement of the tale’ characters. Taking into account that, we aren’t as creative as children and we had little time, the results, were pretty good.

For the record that we have participated in the classroom practice, rather than sign a list, we took photo with Manel.

Primary education is not only painting and cutting, but it's part of it. The main goal is to try to be at least as creative as children and promote their knowledge, creativity and intelegence. The assignment doesn't metter if there is no learning.

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