Monday, March 26, 2012


This week never too late group has been working hard in its task about "the dark side of text books". We have been recording some advertisements. Firstly, we had to plan, to organize, to collect the atrezzo, to find the setting... and finally to record.
Here you have some pictures about the making of but don´t look away from here because we will show you some "surprises"...


  1. Oh! My!! it seems like a rat!... oh! is not!! it is a.... oh my!!
    hehehehehehe i'm looking forward to watching your videos!

  2. jajaja The rat was one of my birthday presents last year. This is the trick of all famous actress.
    We also used a false bun to characterize the old teacher,jiji. It was very funny.
    Girls I have just realize that with this link mabye¿? our blog is an hipermedia