Sunday, March 11, 2012

Star's reflexion about Manel's visit.

Hello. I'm Paloma and I have been the star during this week. My task is to summarise what we did on Monday with Manel but as the journalist and the analyst have done something similar yet I will talk about it from my point of view. 

When Linda told us that Manel was coming and that he wasn't going to give us a lecture I taught that it was a joke. I couldn't imagine that what we were going to do with colour pencils, dinosaurs and plasticine would make us realise such amount of things without anybody telling them in an explicit way.

 When we arrived into the class we were expectant because the truth is that maybe none of us knew what we were going to do. It was like a new game that we had not played before. Manel showed us a short presentation and we were amazed when we saw what some children can do. Then we started the work. We had to make a comic, a story and an sop motion with dinosaurs. Manel lend an iPad to each group and we were supposed to work using it. Well, here the first problem, how to use an iPad? Not very difficult but If you know almost nothing about it, you can spend easily a few hours trying to understand how it works. At the end we saw that it was easier to use than what we taught at the beginning. We had an hour for doing the comic and the story but we spent almost 40 minutes trying to make the comic on the iPad. At this moment we diversified the work because we were not going to finish on time. We weren't working in the right way and we changed the roles. This worked because we had everything finished two hours later, including the photos for the stop motion.

 After this day of working with dinosaurs we have been talking in class about the experience. For me it has been something totally new, I had never done something similar. I think we learned a lot of things because we weren't bored and the time flew. If every class was interesting, everybody would learn much more than what they learn now. I learned more in those four hours than I would have learned on those same hours but with another subject.

 Thanks to Manel we have experienced that a different kind of education could be more meaningful. Now I have changed the way I saw education and innovation. I want to be a good teacher that thinks about what is important for his pupils to learn and that makes them realise that learning is not boring because It is the most interesting thing in the world.

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  1. I hope you do not forget what you have learned with Manel when hopefully you are an in-service teacher.
    Your pupils and their families will be very lucky of having teachers with such as good inital training.

    Good luck.