Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday 's class

Today Linda talked about how the same media canbe boring or interesting. It not depends on “what?”, but in “how?” makes it. Wecan make 2 videos with the same topic, both of them can take us the same time,and one can be completely insignificant, with no value, knowledge or moral, andthe other can be totally different and can take place in our mind for a longtime.

We had also though about how could we make contendsmore interesting and have a significant learning and even lifelong learning. Allthis have relationship with our last class with Manel. We said that the mostimportant thing is the creativity and a willingness to engage fully. Nowadaysthere are a lot of resources which aren´t very expensive, so the economic questionis not crucial. Good teachers don’t need many devices to achieve the goals orto scar the students for life, it definitely helps, but teachers have to makethe most of all that they have. In most of the cases the objects that we see asour enemy are our best allied. Many parents complain because they children watchtoo much television or spend too much time playing on computer games or on thePSP. We must analyze children’s preferences and try to use them like educativetool. If children like it, let’s use it and incorporate it in the methodology, let’smake it part of the experience and base on it achieve significant learning.

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