Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Una mañana de dinosaurios con Manel

What have we learnt today?
Well, today has been a really interesting day. I think we have learnt a lot of things and we have learnt them the way children do in the classes of Manel. This” not very usual teacher” has a not very usual way (unfortunately) of understanding teaching. I think he really loves what he does and his main objective is that children learn in a way that will allow them to incorporate everything they learn to their lives. They will learn by doing things, being their own teachers, as they have to look for the information, process it and after that, they learn it and they teach each other. All this way to do things in class implies a big amount of work and planning by the teacher. It is not the easiest way to teach, but it is the most rewarding, as children really like and enjoy their learning, what makes this learning more lasting and meaningful. They also, as Manel says, show their interest and let you know by means of their immediate implication in their work or task. That interest in doing, working, learning is what every teacher would like to receive from his/her pupils , but teachers don´t receive what they don´t give. It takes a big amount of work to carry this kind of projects out and it is not easy to face the reaction of parents and colleges, because this way of doing things is not the “formal” way in which it has always been done.
On the other hand, as the morning has been long, we have learnt just a very little part of what we can do with an iPad. It is really wonderful! You can do an innumerable amount of things with this ”object”. It gives you new possibilities to experiment with children, to do new things, to create your own stories and to make possible that history is not so boring. This comic is one of the tasks we have done today and it has been really funny.

In addition, we have learnt that we must administrate our time and organize our group in order to be efficient and get our objectives in the time we have to do our tasks.

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