Saturday, April 21, 2012

Analist's Reflection

This week we have worked a lot of hours together in order to elaborate the questions that on monday we have to bring to the class for the game about LOE. As I am the analist this week I'm in charge of doing the reflection so here it goes:

The best part of the activity I think is coming but during this week, in my opinion, the best thing has been the interest and the motivation of being reading a document and finding a lot of interesting things. I don't know how to name it but that kind of curiosity and enthusiasm that you have when you are "discovering the world".

We had to read the hole document at home without the rest of the group so we had a lot of questions because it had some words in spanish in the middle of a text in english that wasn't a simple story. If you go to LOE it doesn´t say the same as the document that we had because LOE had another structure so...

Some things that we found in the law left us thinking: Wow! Things that were not obvious and are said in LOE. The best moments have been when someone discovered an interesting sentence or parragraf and showed it to the rest of the group as if she had find a treasure and then one of the others already knew it. We have also shared a lot of information about personal experiences.

When we were doing the questions it was difficult because we weren't sure if we had understood correctly the parragraf. A lot of times not every member of the group understood the same so it was hard because we had a big mess composed by all the messes that we had in our brains.

 We have learnt a lot of things that we didn't know. working with LOE we have seen that there are thousands of things that influence education. Now we know what part of the curricula can Autonomous Comunities elaborate and why. It is not the same if the child lives in a big city in a small village or in a house in the middle of nowhere but all of them will have to go to school. In the city the parents will have more schools to choose between them and in the village maybe the school has only one classroom.

In my opinion, as a group we should conserve the patience that we are having with the rest of the group. We do not always think or see things in the same way and I would say that now we are better than at the begining listening to the rest of ideas and choosing that which we think is the best. Now we lose less time.

 Maybe we should learn how to read faster but it would take us a lot of time. Communication between us is a thing that sometimes works wrong so we must do something in order to foster it. But, what? We will have to look for a solution.

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