Monday, April 23, 2012

THE GAME. Questions

Today we haven't started yet to play but it's near. During the class today we've been reviewing every card with the questions, shared by topic. My group has been revising 2 topics out of 8, and they are:
·        1. Differences between public and private centers
·        2. Management

And now, here they are, separated by topic:


-          Have the private and the public sector got the same legislative framework? Say the law or laws that constitute this or these frameworks.
-          Unlike the public education, private institutions are free to establish their own…
-          If I receive “educational agreements” for financing, what kind of school am I?
-          In a public educational institution, where must they communicate the organization and use of their resources, material and human?
-          If I have passed a teaching degree but I have not passed the opposition and I am working in a school paid by public funds, in which type of school am I working?
-          Who authorizes and oversees that a private school has the necessary requirements for opening and management?
-          Can the private schools choose their own name?
-          What are the differences between the choice of the head teachers in public schools and in private school?
-          Reflection about three differences between private and public schools.
-          If you want to operate a private school what do you have to get?
-          What type or types of school can be if it has the following characteristics? Cost-free education, teachers, parents and pupils participation through the school council, the admission system, and the nonprofit nature of their extracurricular activities and services.
-          A private school can´t receive support from private institutions as religious orders. True or false.
-          If I have the option to enroll my child in a public school or colegio concertado, but I don’t want him to study religion, where can I apply?
-          What kinds of institutions are the centros concertados?
-          How is the head teacher of colegio concertado selected?
-          Is the same owner for a public school and private one? If it’s the same, say who is. If not, what is the different?
-          What school does this definition characterize? Governing bodies must comprise at least the head teacher, the school council and the teacher’s assembly. The head teacher represents the owner and is appointed by consensus reached between the owner and the school consensus. The head teacher’s duties are similar to those in public schools
-          Public school characteristics: Say which are true and which are false and correct the errors.
·         Free and secular Hay educaciĆ³n
·         The proximity criteria is used in the admission process in public school
·         The concertado schools must only respect certain rules of the Ministry as do public school
·         Public school have total autonomy in all aspects

MANAGEMENT (person and groups of management and government).

-          Which are the three elements used by the Educational Institutions to formulate their pedagogical and curricular organization?
-          Say the name of the governing body responsible for conducting the following functions: to approve and asses the proyecto educativo, the management project, the rules of organization and procedure and the programaciĆ³n general annual.
-          How long is the term of office of head teachers in public and private schools?
-          Which is the educational organism that allows pupils parents to cooperate and to participate in the educational tasks of the school?
-          Which kind of educational institutions is able to determine the constitutional principles of its centre?
-          If you were a member of the school council, what functions would you have?
-          Mention three duties of the head teachers.
-          What is the state school council?
-          How is the Proyecto Educativo de Centro related to the organizational management of the centre?
-          What teacher coordinating body is composed of: the principal, vice principal, cycle coordinator, responsible for the orientation of the centre and in some case the support teacher?
-          If you are the tutor of a group of 3rd primary grade, what are you in charge of? (Being one of the basic education coordinating bodies?
-          Associate the following statement (functions) powers with their corresponding person: head teacher, head of studies or Teacher’s Assembly
·         Responsible for planning, coordinating, informing and making decisions for educational aspects
·         To supervise and coordinate the school activities without detriment to the power of the Teacher Assembly and School council
·         Person responsible for all academic-educational matters in the school
-          State the persons that integrate the School Council
-          State the three areas where educational institutions enjoy a wide degree of autonomy:
-          Which part of proyecto educativo from a public school has to read a student who wants to form part of the School Council?
-          Do centros concertados enjoy autonomy to structure their organization and governing bodies?
-          Is every cost-free education in a school in Spain compulsory?

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  1. Never too late, there is a mistake in one of our question, you have put this question: 'In public educational institutions, where must they communicate the organisation and use of their resources, material and human?' in the theme of -Differences between public and private centres- but this card is for -management- one, and the question of 'Which kind of educational institution is able to determine the constitutional principles of its centre?' is for the theme of -public-private centres-. :-) thanks.