Thursday, April 26, 2012

Second week of Oca's game

Some of us don’t like playing games, so I don’t understand at all haw Linda could convince us to play Oca’s game. But I suppose that is because of the fact that we hate learn by heart. So, this is our fifth activity and it’s the fifth time that our colleges from the Spanish group said that we are lucky people. And our answer is that it’s true, but it’s also true that we had to work with great effort.

The activity of this two weeks takes us long time to prepare it, therefore we are so overwhelmed. The last week we had to read the paper of Eurobase and prepare 3 questions of each eight topics. This Monday our group had to organize two of the topics in order to select the best eight questions and we had some rules for the process. We had to make a kind of assessment to the format of the cards with the questions, said if the questions and answers are the required, pertinent, if they represent the topic, if they are a literally in the text or if they has a mistakes. It was really difficult task, because this is one of the few times when we see the assessment from two different points of view: the first is that we are the people who make the assessment and the second is that we make self-assessment too. The other cause to find the task difficult is that we have too little time to value the questions and we couldn’t do it as we wanted, because we couldn't change some mistakes in the questions and answers where they were. We met several times this week, in order to organize the questions, because some of them weren’t so clear. And we also used Google Docs to help as each other with the search of the answers and to communicate. 

This night I’ll dream about Eurobase, I’m sure.

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