Sunday, April 29, 2012

Analist's reflection

This week, as you already know, we have played “The Oca’s game” or one of its versions called “Snakes and ladder”. This activity has been a very good way for us to study and understand deeply about the current Spanish educational system. We have done a great effort but at the same time we have enjoyed a lot thinking about real life and different cases to write the questions and also to play and get the answers of our classmates. The worst part of this activity is the responsibility of failing in the game, because it can work against our group mates.

The best moment of the work of the group was when we selected and discussed about our questions. It was very funny how some of us realized about different things of Spanish educational system which we have never thought about before, and also how we reflected about them. The worst moment in the work of the group was when we had to select the eight questions for each topic because we have two topics and although we knew what they meant J it was difficult to select them in a right way. It was very stressful.

We have learnt lots of things about how is organized and how the educational system works. I am sure that we are going to remember them longer because of the methodology used. We had never thought about some of the things that we have learnt and that is nice. As a group, all of us are very hard workers and we have improved a lot our communication but we have to improve more. I have detected that some of us are getting used that others assume different roles in the group and this is not good. For example, when I have some problems with the computer I always ask Dinka for help, if the group has to speak in English we look at Laura. In my case for example, I tend to do it for both convenience and lack of time. Although we are learning a lot and we are grateful, we are very tired because we have a lot of work to do and also most of us have personal responsibilities apart from university and we are nervous and we can influence badly to our group mates. We would like to have more time to enjoy searching information, reading about education, chatting with our classmates…

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