Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still playing

On Friday we started playing the Oca’s game. I had never played it before, but I supposed that it included at least one oca. I was wrong; there were many snakes and any oca. It was nice board, but the sweetest thing were the magnets from The Wizard of Oz, from Linda's private collection.


When the game started, we were more nervous than for an exam. We started to play but soon we had to sit down and try to calm down. 

 We started well with Laura’s turn. Ana and Paloma had done it as good as Laura, but I had bad luck: a snake bit me and I had to retreat. I suddenly remembered why I had ever hated play games. Later Pilar had to answer to a difficult question, but she did it well. On the second turn the same snake bit us again, and we fall down. So although we knew the answers of the questions, we couldn’t progress in the game. It was very frustrating.

 Real life is frustrating too, so this situation is very realistic. You may find it hard to believe, but finally we pass a great time. The game hasn’t finished, therefore there is still hope. On Wednesday we’ll continue playing until there is one winner. And as the song say: “the winner takes all”. Because it’s only a game, but besides the prize we bet our self-esteem.

And if we don't do it as well as we want, we still have the good experience and the knowledge which we acquire by just playing a game.

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