Monday, April 23, 2012


The topic of this week is about how Spanish education is organized. But the task that we have to do doesn’t only consist in reading the current law; we are going to play a game. We have to read the European document that explains the organization of the Spanish Educational System and then each group must to design 3 questions for each of these topics:

1. Laws and Structure of our educational system
2. Management (person and groups of management and government)
3. School time and grouping
4. General indications about teaching methods
5. Assessment and certification
6. Differences between public and private centres
7. Financing issues
8. Other structures and variations

Each of the questions only can have a possible answer. Then with our answers we have to prepare white cards including in one face of the card: the question, the answer, name of the group that build the card; and in the other face of the card we have to write the topic in which this question are included. We have the whole week for preparing them and on Monday by groups we are going to review our questions. We have to value them by groups, and each group has to review at least one topic and choose the 3 more representative and good questions. The same Monday after class we will publish the questions that we have review in our blogs. But the only things that we can publish are the questions. On Friday next week we will play a game done with all the questions and by turns each group (each turn will be done by a different member) will have to participate. There are prices in two different categories: the best question and the game winners.

This week we had lots of work to do so we decided to have a meeting to start to do the questions on Wednesday morning, from 9 to 12 and from 13 to 14 in the morning. We didn’t have enough time so we decided to continue on Thursday afternoon.

We prepared a lot of questions of each topic and on Friday morning we decided which of them were better and more representative for the game. At the end of the morning we corrected the spelling and this weekend Dinka printed them.

 We have made a big effort this week to play a good game next week so let’s play!

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